​For nearly 20 years now, Nature's Way Farm has been producing some of the finest, purest honey and honey products in the pristine Finger Lakes region of New York state. As a third generation bee farm, our love and appreciation for the bees themselves runs deep; to us, bees are not a commodity, they are so much more than that. Our bees produce the finest honey not only because of the ideal environment in which they are kept, but because our relationship with them is very personal; they're like family to us!

From honey to lip balm, we've got it all! At Nature's Way Farm, we produce honey from all types of floral sources to give our honeys a variety of different flavors, natural creamed honey, bee pollen and propolis tincture for your dietary and medicinal needs. For skin and body care, our Bee Healthy line of soaps, lotions and lip balms will keep your body nourished, happy and healthy. And we'd never forget about our fellow beekeepers! Our MightyBee Nucs and Brood Builder pattys are all available through our online store!

Nature's Way Farm​
106 Rorick Hollow Rd 
Lowman NY 14861 US
+1 (607) 739-3115


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A lifelong fascination and appreciation for bees and nature instilled within owner Joel Klose by his grandmother, Polly Brimmer, is where the humble beginnings of Nature's Way Farm truly start. Her deep connection to the earth and abundant knowledge of wild plants and edibles became the backbone of the farm; things she taught can still be seen in the way we work with our bees today. What started small, taking our local honey to nearby upstate New York farmers markets, has since grown to include over a dozen seasonal NYC markets, and is still growing!


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