Nature's Way Farm 2014 Nucleus Colony Page

(Example shown is of our 5 frame nucs in front, 4 frame nucs, 2nd row, are comparable with one less frame)


Why our nucs are the best you can buy !

 Bee traits to consider:

New World Carniolan- Well known for  wintering in the north, smaller winter cluster with fast spring buildup & tracheal mite resistant.  Very good honey producers.  The New World Carniolan stock is a very gentle, dark colored honey bee and one of the most dependable stocks we have used in our 20 years

NWF Hybrid - Our own stock which include the exceptional brood production of Cordovan Italians as well as improved wintering capabilities of NWC and Buckfast.  These very prolific bees often lay 8 to 10 frames of brood during the height of the season. increasing honey and pollen production.  These bees are good to work but more "spirited" than our other bees.  This stock is bred from survivor stock that come out of winter in the Finger Lakes Region strong and healthy with over 15 years of our own breeding program.

Golden Italians - For 13 years we have used Cordovan Italians in our breeding operation to maximize our stocks' production capabilities.  Year after year these light golden bees are consistently gentle, lay 9 or 10 frames of brood and are incredible honey producers.  In 2011 and 2012, both very difficult years for beekeeping, they held there own through drought, rain and difficulties that impacted other stock.  They outlay all other stock we've used and consistently perform.  They do need a little more feed for winter but we are so satisfied with this stock and so many great customer reviews we have decided to offer them as an option again this year.

South Carolina Pick up Date Saturday May 10, 2014 - Sweetberry Farms - Florence 

New York State Pick up Date will be Saturday May 17, 2014. - Nature's Way Farm - Lowman

2014 - 4 - frame nuc price @ $125.00 + $10.00 nuc box deposit (refundable upon return) 

Our 4 frame nucs will include a young mated queen, 4  frames of bees, brood, honey and pollen. 

2014 5 frame nuc price @ $155.00 in a "u-keep" MDA style nuc box great for swarm catching and nuc making later on.

5 frame nucs will include a young mated queen, 5 full frames of bees, brood, honey and pollen- SOLD OUT 2014

We produce approximately 45,000 - 60,000 lbs of honey annually to sell in our NYC outlets and online farm store. The nucs we sell you are the same nucs we use in our honey production operation each spring to produce 125 - 180 lbs of harvestable honey, several hundred pounds of bee pollen, beeswax and propolis and summer nucs per hive, by October 01 each year.  Let us help you bee-come a successful beekeeper!

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All orders require a deposit or payment in full to reserve a nuc.

Mail Orders and deposits - Require Check or money order $30 deposit (non-refundable) on each nuc or payment in full.  Balance due at pick up. Online orders please pay in full and are inventory controlled.  The system will not take your order if we do not have nucs left to reserve.  All nucs are for pick up only - we do not ship or deliver nucs. 

We also accept personal checks via Mail for deposit ($30.00/nuc) or full payment to:

Natures' Way Farm/ 106 Rorick Hollow Rd./ Lowman, NY 14861

Thank you supporting our Farm in 2014 - we look forward to serving you all through the season.