2018 Mighty Bee Nucs

Our 2018 Honey Bee Offerings;

Golden Italian - Our Golden Italians are Cordovans - Gentle, very prolific, incredible honey producers  maintaining strong, populous,  winter clusters  making solid winter hives and large spring hives the 2nd season!  We introduced this new stock in 2003 and these beautiful light golden honey bees stole our hearts with their gentle manner.  These bright Yellow "Sunshine" queens often lay out 8-10 full frames of brood.  These "girls" are a great choice for beginning beekeepers and for bees kept in more populated areas.

NWF Hybrids -Our Hybrids have been developed over 25 years of raising and breeding bees.  Primarily winter hardy Carniolan Stock with deep genetic roots which include Buckfast, Varroa resistant VSH stock and Minnesota Hygienic Stock.  This stock runs smaller, very efficient winter clusters and has shown superior mite tolerance.  These bees tend to be dark in color, are consistent honey producers and a good gentle stock to work with.  Our Hybrids are currently the chosen stock kept at the world Famous NYC Botanical Gardens.

If you are buying bees from someone who is not producing your nucs from their own stock you are lkely buying one of several thousand nucs made up from commericial hives just back from almond pollination and resold in our area.  Don't end up with mite infested, last years queen,  travel stressed and pesticide laced bees/combs, Ask before you buy!

The price of you nuc now includes the screened bottom wooden nuc box - there is no deposit however we will pay $5 for the return of any nuc box within 30 days.

Annual Beekeepers Breakfast and Nuc Pick Up day - Our Target date for this year is Saturday May 05, 2018. 

Due to the number of customers picking up nucs each year we are unable to schedule individual pick up appointments outside nuc day.   On nuc pick up day we will schedule pick ups  in order of when your order was placed, early orders = early pick up.  There will be a $20 charge for nucs picked up other than on nuc day as we have to pay staff to drive to a yard, pick out a nuc and bring it to the facility.  We strive to meet our target date each year and most years are on the target date, however this is farming so in some years we have seen as much as 2 weeks delay due to inclement spring weather which delays field work and queen breeding.  We work our bees on their schedule, this way we provide the best environment for their success and yours, we want you to have a good nuc, not a fast nuc.

Pick up LocationPlease note our Annual Beekeepers Breakfast and Nuc pIck up will be at our New Facility and not the farm. The address is #3 State Rte 224, Van Etten New York and is at the intersection of NYS RTE 224 and NYS Rte 34. 

We look forward to serving you in 2018 and hope to be a part of your great 2018 Beekeeping Season!

This is our 25th year raising Honeybees and 20th year selling quality Nucleus colonies to Beekeepers... Just like you!

 -Put our experience to work in your Apiary!!