2019 Mighty Bee Nucs 


This is our 27th year raising Honeybees and 21st year selling quality Nucleus colonies to Beekeepers... Just like you!

 -Put our experience to work in your Apiary!!

Here's a quick check comparison of value to help you understand and make the right choice for a great beekeeping season


Package Bees                                                                 VS                        Mighty Bee Nucs

1) 3 lbs (13,000) Bees of disorganized age/ caste                                                 1) 10,000+ Live Bees in an established "mini hive" and balanced age/caste

2) 1 bred queen                                                                                                          2) 3-4 frames of brood which will hatch out 20,000 bees over 21days

3) Usually takes 8 weeks to become a full balanced 10 Frame hive                 3) Frames packed with natural honey & Pollen to support growth

 4) Usually State inspected for disease and pests                                                4) Hive accepted Young Queen bred with 27 years of breeding experience

 Package bees have zero brood, no honey or pollen and often                        5)  The Mighty Bee Custom Design ventilated wooded nuc Box ($38 value)

 do not produce a crop of honey the 1st year!                                                     6) Becomes a fully established hive in 3-4 weeks

  Package bees are actually a dying hives for at least 21 days until                   7)With good weather produces a full crop of honey the 1st year (60lb. avg)

  brood begins to hatch after which it takes another 21 days to reach          8)  After sales support from a 27 year Professional beekeeping family which

   a balanced caste.                                                                                                         produced and sold over 16,000 nucleus colonies over 2 decades and sold

                                                                                                                                            over half a million pounds of pure honey!

                                                                                                                                      9) The Nature's Way Farm Nuc Guarantee

                                                                                                                                     10) Our bees are state inspected in two states for disease and pests

Make the right choice and buy Mighty Bee Nucs today...... for a successful beekeeping season



Pick up LocationPlease note our Annual Beekeepers Breakfast and Nuc pIck up will be at Honey Processing Facility and not the farm. The address is #3 State Rte 224, Van Etten New York, 14889  and is at the intersection of NYS RTE 224 and NYS Rte 34.   Pick up dates are for Saturday May 04 & Saturday May 11 at 8:00 a.m.  Due to the number of beekeepers we serve we are unable to facilitate random pick up dates and times. There will be an additional $25 charge to cover our care and moving of nucs not picked up on our Nuc Days.  Our nucs carry a 7 day guarantee....any unsatisfactory nuc may be returned to our farm, in the original condition for a full refund by notifying us within 7 days of pick up and return to us within 10 days.

We look forward to serving you in 2019 and hope to be a part of your great 2018 Beekeeping Season!