Best Beekeeping Course Ever 2018

A dynamic, team instructed, 3 class course taught by successful leaders in the Beekeeping industry

Joel Klose - Co Owner of Nature's Way Farm

Lenny Boulas - Owner of Wheeling Bee Equipment Co.

Class #1 Beginner Beekeeping - Sat. February 10 

Class #2 Intermediate Beekeeper - Sat. March 10

Class #3 In the Beehive - Sat. June 02 (Rescheduled for June 09, 8a.m. 12)

Classes are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at

Nature's Way Farm  Honey House- #3 State Rte 224 Van Etten NY 14889

 Course cost is $40.00/Class or register for the complete series for $85.00

Refeshements, Course Materials and Lunch are included

This course is your Road Map to Sustainable Beekeeping!

If you are just starting out in Beekeeping or Just tired of your bees dying every winter this course is for you!

Class size is limited so reserve your seat today!

Instructor - Joel Klose - 25 Plus years as a beekeeper and Co-Owner of Nature's Way Farm. managing 350 hives, producing and selling honey and Beehive products in 16 NYC Greenmarkets and producing 500 nucs sold annually through the family farm and Dadant.  Joel Is a full time professional beekeeper who has learned the key to sustainable beekeeping through experience, research and study under such experts as Dr. Shiminoko formerly of USDA Beltsville Bee Laboratory who led him to develop a very different approach to understanding beekeeping.

Beginning Beekeeper Course - Goals - To teach beekeepers all aspect of conceptual and practical beekeeping to keep bees and financially sustain their operation

Intermediate Beekeeper Course - Brief Review of key aspects of "Beginning Beekeeping" and instruction on advance techniques to make beekeeping profitable. This will include sections on techniques for increased honey production such as the two queen method, making increase , pollen and propolis production and marketing bee products.

In the Beehive Course - Beekeepers will have the opportunity to work in a beehive in a supervised class and learn all aspects of manipulating a hive and become comfortable with working around bees.

As we worked to teach and support over 200 beekeepers in the past couple of years one thing became clear, there was too much misinformation being presented in classes taught by part time beekeepers with good intentions and not enough actual experience or training.  After years of watching this cause beekeepers to feel defeated we painstakingly developed a dynamic team instructed course approach which aims first at getting your head straight with practiced sustainable concepts, then learning practical beekeeping techniques which are the stalwarts of our industry and then finishing up with actual hands on, instructor supervised, field work.   Complete, comprehensive and easy to understand.   Our course encompasses over 3 decades of beekeeping experience and research and will give you a solid foundation to become a successful , sustainable beekeeper.  With the state of beekeeping issues today every beekeepers is an arsenal against the collapse of our honeybees and their impact on our food.  We hope you join us in this important and magical craft!

Best Regards,

Joel & Lenny

Instructor Lenny Boulas - Nearly a decade of beekeeping experience and Owner of "Wheeling Bee Equipment Company", founder of Soaring Capital Beekeepers and dedicated researcher on better equipment design and beekeeping methods.  In addition to working with Nature's Way Farm on testing stock and equipment Lenny has attended training with Randy Oliver of Scientific Beekeeping as well as many other experts working to keep up with the fast changing face of our industry.